What is Organ Donation?

Organ donation is when a person allows healthy transplantable organs and tissues to be removed, either after death or while the donor is alive, and transplanted into a patient in need.

Who can be an organ Donor?

Living donor

Living related donation is allowed legally among relatives (until the 4th degree). The donor should be 21 year old, be healthy, be free from any transmissible diseases and not be at risk of developing the same disease as the patient. The Lebanese law allows living related donation but puts very strict regulations on living unrelated donation to avoid commercialism.

Deceased donor

She/he can be a heart beating donor (brain dead donor) or non-heart beating donor (after cardio respiratory arrest). Age from 4 to 75 years, free from any transmissible diseases.

Why be an organ donor?

Because many lives depend on you and some of them need an urgent care. Organ Transplantation is the best therapy for terminal organ failure.

How can we donate?

If someone wants to donate his/her organs after death, he/she has to:

  • Decide

  • Document: sign a donor card

  • Discuss it with his/her family, his/her parents, his/her friends…

Saying it is the best way to have your will fulfilled. After your death, your family will say “YES” for you.
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