Become an Organ Donor

The number of patients on the waiting list is increasing. Helping to reduce organ shortage depends on our decision!

Personal Information
Donation Form

I heryby certify that I am mentally healthy, and I am willing to donate the following after death

Choose, from the list below, the suitable address for you to pick up your donation card. 

  • After filling and sending the donation form, wait 3 weeks before you go pick up your card
  • Please show your identity card to receive your card
  • No need to call the office to ask if the card was delivered.
  • Note that  your donation card will be kept at the chosen address for 3 months.
  • After that date you have to come to NOD-Lb office to recuperate your card.
  • You will receive an empty card. You are responsible to fill and sign it.
  • It is essential to inform your family about your will to donate.