Public Awareness

  1. Activities to educate the general public about the basic medical concepts governing the donation and transplantation process and to inform citizens that a legal framework and an organizational model exist to ensure that all transplant related activities are carried out in the safest and surest way possible, and that all patients in need of a transplant have equal access. The fundamental objective of all of this is to create a favorable public opinion and a climate of trust enhancing organ donation. NOD-Lb has built excellent relations with the recipients and the donor families. They offer their services to sensitize the general public and health professionals, by participating in conferences and informational campaigns, as well as sharing in articles devoted to donation and transplantation. Public awareness campaigns with the help of religious leaders from the 18 different Lebanese sects and directed to the general public, schools, universities, media, religious communities, hospitals, army barracks, Scouts, convents, municipalities, clubs… and government officials create a favorable public opinion on organ donation.
  2. NOD-Lb is now working with the Ministry of Education on a project to introduce organ donation and transplantation in the program of the complementary and secondary schools and in the curriculum of the medical and nursing schools in Lebanon, with the support of the ministry of education and higher education.
  3. NOD-Lb has signed a collaboration protocol with the “Pastoral Care of Health in Lebanon - CEPSSL /   لبنان – البطريركية المارونية" اللجنة الاسقفية لراعوية الصحة في to train Catholic religious personnel to promote organ donation in their institutions.