Supervision of the Lebanese Deceased System

  • NOD-Lb Supervises the application of the Deceased Alert System (DAS), the Lebanese deceased donation and transplantation system for organs, tissues and human cells in the Lebanese hospitals, and the living donations regulations.
  • NOD-Lb works on the development of Hospital Organ Procurement Units (HOPU) and assigned in-hospital Organ Procurement Coordinators (OPC) in 23 hospitals who provide continuous 24 hours follow up all year long. NOD-Lb builds a medical records system to retain all documentations on donor cases and ensures fair and equitable organ allocation.
  • NOD-Lb establishes a Regional Coordinators commission of critical care Physicians/regional coordinators in each of Beirut, Metn, Kesrwan, Byblos, Chouf, Bekaa, North and South areas of Lebanon.
  • NOD-Lb maintains and updates the national waiting list.
  • NOD-Lb prepares the manual of the certification and is in charge of auditing donating hospitals and transplantation units.