Take A Stand

NOD Lb’s 1st Media campaign “Say Yes to Organ Donation”

Thanks to M&C SAATCHI, NOD Lb could launch Phase 1 of its first media campaign. It includes TV & radio ads and posters. 

NOD Lb was thankful because the feedback was more than the expected: In one month 1000 donation forms were filled online and we received thousands of phone calls...

NOD Lb thanks all the supporters of this campaign, especially:

 The celebrities: Mazen Kiwan, Paula Yaacoubian, Sana Nasr, Rudy Rahmeh and Zahi Wehbeh.

The TVs/Radios/Newspapers/Magazines/Online medias, for showing the ads.

The hospitals, universities, schools, malls, supermarkets.. for posting the poster.

The MOH for their cooperation.

And M&C SAATCHI team for their devoted work.