NOD's Board


Five ministers of health presided successively NOD-Lb. They are: HE. Dr. Karam Karam (2000-1999), HE. Mr. Sleiman Frangieh (2005-2000), HE. Dr. Mohamad Khalifeh (2011-2005), HE. Me. Ali El Khalil (2014-2011), and HE. Mr. Wael Abou Faour (-2014 Present). The National Organization for Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation is a nonprofit organization governed by a Board designated by a ministerial decree (2009 ,65/1) and the general director of the MOH.

The executive board of NOD-Lb

  • Dr. Mohamad Khalife: Ex minister of health, President of the board, General surgeon and liver transplant surgeon at AUBMC.    
  • Dr. Antoine Stephan: Vice-President of the board, Medical Director of NOD-Lb, Clinical Professor of Nephrology at LAU and Ex-President of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation (MESOT).
  • Dr. Elias Warrak: Ophtalmologist, Owner of Advanced Eye Care hospital, Medical Director of the National Eye Bank- MOH.
  • Dr. Joudy Bahous: Critical Care Physician and Pulmonologist, Head of the ICU at ST Georges Hospital – Ashrafieh (SGHUMC).
  • Ms. Farida Younan: MSN and Registered Nurse, National Coordinator, Project Manager at NOD-Lb and founder and actual President of the Middle East Transplant Coordinators Organization (METCO).

The decisions are taken by the vice-president after consultation with the national and regional coordinators and submitted to the board for final approval. The decision is then presented to the general director of the MOH and if approved, countersigned by the minister of health to become ocially eective.


The regional coordinators committee that is composed of a total of 12 physician-coordinators

  • Head: Dr. Georges Juvelekian (Regional Coordinator in Beirut).
  • One critical care physician in each region: Metn, Kesrwan, Byblos, Bekaa, Chouf, North and South of Lebanon.
  • Three regional coordinators in Beirut.
  • One national pediatric coordinator.


NOD-Lb has now three full-time and seven part-time employees

a) Part time staff:

  • Medical Director
  •  Lawyer
  •  Public relations and fundraising personnel
  •  Local coordinator
  •  Accountant
  •  Social Media personnel
  •  IT personnel

b) Full time staff:

  • National coordinator
  • Administrative secretary
  • Assistant local coordinator


140 health professionals aliated from 23 hospitals to NOD-Lb distributed as:

  • 96 registered nurses specifically from ICU and ER department (part time dedicated to organ donation).
  • 46 physicians (critical care physicians, anesthesiologists, neurologists and coroners).