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Many Lives depend on your decision!

These stories show that you couldn’t make a better investment.


How Can you Help?

Your contribution will help desperately ill patients. It will save their lives through organ and tissue donation. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, our efforts have made a difference for many individuals and their families. Contribute to NOD-Lb and support those in need of a second chance in life.


23%For Public Awareness

NOD-Lb is trying to meet all the challenges at the community level. It spreads awareness and works on improving the understanding of the concept of deceased organ donation.

For the time being 600 patients are waiting for the gift of life.

Your contribution will give us the opportunity to educate the general public, religious leaders, school and university students… and get more people saying yes for organ donation in an eort to answer the ever growing demand.

26%For Healthcare Professionals Education

NOD-Lb provides healthcare professionals with training and continuous education on the subject of organ and tissue donation and transplantation. Over the past years, NOD-lb has trained 1120 nurses and 190 physicians and was able to save 82 patients in need of organs: Kidneys, Hearts and Livers and 280 patients in need of corneas.

This education ensured the best medical services through extensive trainings, seminars, workshops, and congresses.

51%For Financial Donor's Coverage and the Update of the National Waiting List

The mission of NOD-Lb is to ensure that the organs of the deceased donors, duly detected and referred, are properly maintained, fairly distributed to the patients registered on the national waiting list. A large part of your contribution will cover the cost of the deceased organ donation procedure

Some patients are not able to finance their registration on the national waiting list, the coverage of the tests with the chosen deceased donor and part of their uncovered transplantation costs. A fixed amount, determined by your generosity, will be fairly distributed to help needy patients