Causes of refusal of donation - Beirut
Causes of refusal of donation - Beirut
The DAS system although still partially applied by a limited Nbr of hospitals, has increased the Nbr of possible deceased donors detected and referred. An increase in the Nbr of hospitals and an improvement in their performance will improve the results.
A noticeable improvement in detection and referral has accompanied the application of the DAS system.
LURD has dropped from a high of 52.5% to 5.95%. LRD has significantly increased from 37.5% to 90.47%. The total of transplanted kidneys has however dropped. DD has not been able to fill the gap. DD has to be adopted and better supported by the government.
28% is the average of the families approached, that consented. Improving the consent rate is related to the performance of the Organ Procurement Coordinators (OPC) and has direct effects on the rentability of the project.
The family approach needs to be improved and generalized
Many families have not been approached for several reasons: Unavailability of the family - Violent reactions - Funerals arrangements - Technical…
High contraindication rate is probably related to a very conservative age limitation on donation